"Means a lot to me that you took time to help me with my DJ box today at the store. I used my system for karaoke at Follywood and it sounded much better. Very clean sound now, and your help with the microphones made them sound awesome too. The karaoke people loved their quality and the reverb, and i recommend Fox Music as an awesome group of folks to buy speakers and get equipment from! I believe that compared to guitar center and ye ole music that you guys are far better with customer service, and that ya’ll are good-hearted people."

M Alvarez

"We are pleased that the sale of my wife’s piano was so quick. Hopefully, a young pianist will have a quality instrument to enhance their musical studies. My wife received this piano as a teenager. Following her graduation from the Eastman School of Music, she had an outstanding teaching career in Buffalo, Hartford, and Columbia. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and your fine organization."

L. Ortiz

"I was recommended to speak to Joseph about my questions regarding a piano. He was a tremendous help when I came in to purchase my husband’s gift. I really appreciated all the knowledge and assistance he provided me. Fox Music has a great guy working for them."


"It was great meeting you yesterday, although I felt as if I already knew you rather well. And thank you so much for your 'magic' – you transformed that organ from very good to absolutely stunning – I had no idea that such a modestly-priced instrument could be so flexible and versatile. Yesterday, however, would have been a total pleasure and delight, whether you made any adjustments to the organ or not. And the pleasure of making a new friend possessing such gifts and charm far “outweighs” even the incredibly generous deal you managed to secure for our church. This is possibly the ultimate “win-win” scenario! Again, thank you so much for all you have done for Holy Cross and for me. We must stay in touch, and I look forward to pursuing a friendship that goes beyond even the profound bond of a love for music. Many thanks to you and to Fox Music and best wishes to you both."


"My mother said they delivered the piano and set it up. She sent me a picture and looks great! Your company has been good to my most prized possession and when I need her moved again I will definitely give you a call. Again, thanks for your patience, kindness and hard work! Always the best!"


"It was a pleasure meeting you and thanks for helping me make my selection and purchase. You made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. I love my piano and enjoy playing daily once again. I never realized that I would be able to hear the very best but you put together the dream of my lifetime. You and the staff at Fox Music House come very highly recommended."


"I hired Fox Music to move a piano for me. They came earlier than I expected and the four gentlemen could not have been nicer or more professional. They were very pleasant. I would definitely recommend Fox to others. I had two different individuals recommend them to me."

Local Baptist Church

"The sound system you and your team installed for us sounds great! I had several people comment about how clear everything was. Thanks again for your help – we are definitely enjoying the new sound!"


"The staff is always helpful and they go above and beyond my expectations."


"More than just a music store, Fox Music is a supporter of music and the arts in Charleston. They are a wonderful, generous community minded company."