Welcome to the family

Even though our company is nearing 100 years old, the music business remains exciting to us. This youthful spirit is rarely found in mature, experienced companies, and it is this same spirit that provides us the enthusiasm, stamina, and desire to serve our customers at the highest level possible.

Many of our customers have little experience in selecting and purchasing musical products and services. That's why trust is so important to us. Our customers need to be able to trust that we are capable of determining their needs and know that we are recommending to them only the most suitable products and services.

We are now serving fourth generations of families, and we are looking forward to serving many more generations in the future.

Where you buy is as important as what you buy

Our company was founded in 1928 by Otto Z. Fox and Sarah M. Fox (pictured left top), who adopted the 7 principles that still guide us today. Our devotion to these principles has grown, and experience has supported our founders’ wisdom. We are confident that you will value these principles as much as we do.

Our 7 Founding Principles

1. Be truthful and serve our customers as we would want to be served.
2. Offer only the best to our customers in every price-quality class.
3. Give our customers more quality and more service for every dollar spent with us.
4. Employ only high-quality staff to satisfy customers’ needs.
5. Satisfy customers’ tastes and needs with carefully selected varieties of merchandise and services.
6. Provide excellent service to assure after sale satisfaction.
7. Require low monthly payments and the lowest interest rates available.