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Yamaha Buy A Key Program

The unique Yamaha Buy A Key program is a fundraising system that helps you purchase acoustic pianos, Disklaviers, Clavinova and MODUS digital pianos and AvantGrand hybrid pianos. Buy A Key makes it easy for you to achieve your fundraising goals and purchase quality musical instruments. Here’s how it works: The cost of an instrument is divided by 88 (the number of keys on a piano). Your institution’s members and local sponsors buy individual keys, or groups of keys, until you reach the purchase price.

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With over 50 years in the finance industry, Allegro Credit built a brand by supporting partners with consumer friendly products, high approvals and custom financial products. Today, Allegro continues its tradition of innovation as a fin-tech company that helps consumers with fast credit decisions, live customer service and high approvals. Allegro offers Fixed APR and term. Know exactly what you're going to pay without surprises.


Founded in 1988, BGE FINANCIAL is dedicated to providing financial services to assist the needs of the music industry. BGE offers financing for schools, universities and music booster programs for the purchase of musical instruments from music dealers under its School Lease/Purchase Plan. We offer two, three, four, and even five-year plans that can help you stretch your budget dollars and keep your program alive. We require a $3,000 minimum lease base amount, and the maximum five-year term may be used with this minimum amount. With our School Lease/Purchase Plan, the lease may be paid off early, and schools receive a rebate of unearned lease charges. Once the lease is paid in full, schools may purchase the instruments and equipment for $1.00.

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Marlin provides equipment financing programs to manufacturers, distributors and churches. Marlin is a publicly traded bank holding company and funding is provided by our wholly owned subsidiary Marlin Business Bank. Marlin is well-capitalized with over 19 years of solid financial results to show for it and has extended $4 billion in financing to small businesses. Marlin also has an application processing turnaround of two hours or fewer.

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